3 Jobs To Get Done In Your Garden This Autumn.

Autumn is a great season for gardening! The Far South Coast has finally been hit with some rain and the plants are taking full advantage of it. Here are 3 jobs to get done in your garden this Autumn.

1. Nourish your garden

Your plants have just put on a bunch of growth over Summer and their energy stores are low. Now is the time to feed your garden as it is beginning to store energy for Spring. Prioritise feeding any unhealthy looking plants, you can spot them by their brown, yellowing or paling leaves. You also want to give the whole garden a big feed to boost the overall health of your plants. The goal is to bulk up their energy stores so they have plenty to keep them going over the cooler months. When fertilising use a pair of gloves to hand-broadcast fertliser over your garden and make sure to water in deeply. There a few different types of fertiliser so make sure you are getting the right type for your plants. Be generous when applying fertiliser and don’t forget to read the instructions!

TIP: When fertilising Australian natives use a low phosphorus fertliser to avoid damaging their sensitive roots.

2. Eliminate your weeds

You have probably noticed around your garden that weeds are popping up all over the place. Autumn is the time to gain some ground in the war against weeds. To get started grab some gloves and a garden fork. Using the fork get underneath the weed and use leverage to remove the entire root system to stop any chance of regeneration. Focus on any that are flowering first you want to get them before they seed and begin to take over. For hard surface areas such as paths and driveways use a herbicide mixed in a spray bottle or for a natural solution try using boiling water to scald the weeds. Getting your weeds under control now pays off in the long run. The longer you wait, the more chance they have to grow, flower and spread so don’t wait, get out there and get it done!

TIP: If your weeds have already gone to seed use a plastic bag to cover the seed heads before removing the weed. This will contain any seeds and allow you to dispose of them easily.

3. Trim those shrubs

Correa alba pruned as balls

Now is a great time to prune all that Summer growth off your shrubs and get back that fresh-cut feeling. First you need to decide on a style that is right for your garden. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Square lines
  • Cloud prune
  • Rolling waves
  • Soft edges
  • Balls

Using a hedge trimmer focus on creating tight neat lines as you sculpt your hedge. A steady hand is key here. You want to be just above eye level with your hedge so you can see your lines, for this you may need to use a ladder. After you are done collect all trimmings with a rake and garden tub then place into your green waste bin. For extra points use a leaf blower to remove any small trimmings from hard surface areas.

TIP: If you are not confident trimming a straight line use a string line between two stakes as a guide.

Need a hand?

That’s it, these are my top 3 jobs to get done in your garden this Autumn. If any of this sounds too hard or you just need a hand getting on top of things we would love to help! We service jobs across the Bega Valley and beyond. To get in touch check out our services here.

Author: Daniel Ison, Horticulturalist, POD Gardens